System Administrator salary... could I make this much? Who is responsible for WW1 (world war one)? Could I be accepted to SUNY Geneseo? What is the Knight of the Garter? Also, could you reference me to a reliable document? Do you know the names of any of the girls which were in Hogwarts with Lily Evans/Potter (Harry Potter's mum) Can anyone give me examples of logical appeal for supporting the legalization of gay marriage? As an environmental risk factor, how is radon similar to asbestos? How is it different? So Skye Quartermaine is coming back on GH....? From which institute should I pursue MCSE? how to write an essay on "Clancy of the Overflow" comparing Australia then to now? I and my goer are always falling into new barriers for business startup, where to get a straight forward understanding of all the procedures? HISTORY HELP PLEASE I'LL GIVE YOU POINTS!!!? Really need your opinion, should I apply to UIUC Material Science as an out-state transfer this spring? what does this quote mean? How long should a writing sample be? Should we clone anything? Why was the history of the Church so divisive? HIS 101? Philosophy question: Karl Marx? What did the german people think about the government, giving money to Greece?

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can someone help me interpret this quote?... aeg airsoft gun question. 3 different guns.?...